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Top 5 multi-tools to replace your toolbox

A toolbox in your pocket? Sounds like a fairy-tale. Right? Well, it is possible! You, of course, can't literally fit a toolbox in your pocket. There are, however, a lot of multi-tools that come close! 

They are namely sometimes enhanced with 40 functions. Ideal for use at home or around the house. After all, why would you move back and forth when you can carry everything in your pocket? Incredibly practical if you are three meters high on a ladder and suddenly realize you have forgotten your pliers or screwdriver. But which multi-tools can actually replace your toolbox? To make the choice as easy as possible we listed five of the best multi-tools that can replace your toolbox.

  1. Victorinox SwissTool Spirit X Plus Ratchet 3.0236.L multi-tool, leather sheath

    Victorinox SwissTool Spirit X Plus Ratchet 3.0236.L multi-tool, leather sheath

    A multi-tool for at home may radiate some class. After all, these multi-tools don't have to look tactical like a multi-tool for professional use. That is where the Victorinox SwissTools come into play. These gentleman's amongst the multi-tools look amazing and are incredibly practical. With 40 functions the SwissTool Spirit XC Plus is one of the most versatile tools in our range. Yes. 40 functions! This SwissTool can handle any task. The mini ratchets are what make the SwissTools so unique. They fit in the belt sheath next to the multi-tool and will make your life a whole lot easier!

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  2. Leatherman Surge, nylon sheath

    Leatherman Surge, nylon sheath

    To continue with the bit 'theme': there is another multi-tool that excels in this department. The Gerber Center-Drive! It is remarkable to see that each brand has its own approach. Gerber decided to attach an arm to the multi-tool that contains the bit. Just like with the SOG this bit is kept in place with a magnet. Because this arm locks when opened you can easily continue your work. Even tightening screws in narrow corners is a piece of cake because of this arm. However, this is not the only thing that makes the Center-Drive so unique. With the sliding mechanism you can easily one-handedly slide the head of the multi-tool from the handle. As such you can even get the job done with one hand.

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  3. Leatherman Charge Plus TTi multi-tool, nylon sheath

    Leatherman Charge Plus TTi multi-tool, nylon sheath

    The SOG PowerPlay, like the SwissTool Spirit XC, comes with a nylon belt sheath with a bit set. The tool missing, however, is the ratchet. SOG namely added this to the head of the multi-tool! When closed you can put the bit in a slot in the top part. A magnet keeps the bit in place to make sure it won't fall out during use. Incredibly clever! As such you will never lose anything during use.

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