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Frying pans

Indispensable in any kitchen.

The best pans for every kitchen

When you are looking for new pans you've come to the right place. Perfect baking starts with a good pan. That is why we have the best pans of the best-known brands like Le Creuset, ZwillingFisslerDe Buyer and Demeyere in stock. 

We also sell the best pan sets. From beginner sets to professional sets that suit a professional kitchen. We have the best pots and pans!

Heat distribution

A good pan can be recognized by an even distribution of heat. The well-known flour-test can prove this: cover the bottom of a pan with an even layer of flour and put the heat on. A pan with an uneven spread of heat will show different brown circles in the flour. A good pan makes for a fine and even spread of the circle. We have pans for all kinds of heat sources. Pans for cooking on induction, ceramic, gas, halogen en electricity. We also sell pans that can go straight into the oven.

Pan characteristics

A good pan distinguishes itself by its qualitative properties. There are pans that have cold grips (also called heat-resistant handles) that do not become hot when the pan is heated. Also a good pan will not bend or change in shape when you change between heat sources. For instance when you use a pan on a pan on a regular stove and switch to an induction cooktop. Many pans can absolutely not handle such a transition. We also sell pans that have innovative designs. Some pans have lids that are shaped to reduce condensation and have it drip back into the pan.


How do you clean a sheet steel pan?

Sheet steel pans are inexpensive and can last a lifetime. The natural non-stick coating that will appear during it's life is perfect because you can also restore it whenever necessary. However, how do you clean a sheet steel pan?.