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Backpacks & pouches: the right bag for every adventure

Backpacks and pouches are perhaps the most underestimated part of your gear. Whether you go hiking in the mountains, camping in the woods, or simply travel to work on a daily basis: a good backpack will make a difference. The fit, sustainability of the materials and innovative inventions that make your life easier are really important. A good backpack keeps your belongings safe and organized and will last for years. We sell the best backpacks, no matter how big or small your adventure will be.

Pouches: an annexe to your pocket 

Pouches are compact bags made from top-quality materials you use to organize your daily belongings. There is enough room to store, for instance, a multi-tool with all its accessories, a flashlight with additional battery, paracord, a lighter and many other things that might come in handy. A pouch is basically an annexe to your pocket: gear you use on a daily basis, but don't carry in your pocket, can be stored in your pouch.

MOLLE compatible backpacks and pouches 

Almost all our backpacks and pouches are enhanced with the MOLLE system. With it you can easily attach pouches and storage cases on backpacks and tactical clothing. Thanks to this system you can easily expand your backpack by adding pouches to it. If you want to learn more about MOLLE we recommend our info-topic where we tell you what MOLLE is, how to use this system and what you need to pay attention to.