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Binoculars & Scopes

Binoculars for spectacle wearers

Are you wearing glasses and looking for the right pair of binoculars? We have got some good news for you. Today practically all binoculars can be used by spectacle wearers. But there are of course some things you need to pay attention to! If a pair is suited for spectacle wearers it means that the eye relief is sufficient. 

The eye relief is the distance from the ocular (the lenses you place your eye against) up to the place where the binoculars form the image. For spectacle wearers this is an important feature as they need to bridge a wider gap. For that reason we recommend spectacle wearers to choose binoculars with an eye relief of at least 15 mm. This to ensure a comfortable view. Most binoculars in our range have rotatable eyecups to make sure you can adjust the eye relief yourself.

It is also possible to look without your glasses. The condition of your eyes is corrected as the pair is focused. The dioptric correction of the binoculars combined with the focus make it possible for you to always end up with a sharp image. This does, however, mean that you constantly need to take off your glasses. It is simply a matter of trying what works best in your situation.

Look out for cheap binoculars

Many cheap binoculars are not enhanced with specific adjustment options such as dioptric correction. As such it will be difficult to end up with a clear and bright image.