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Pocket knives & multitools

UK-Friendly pocket knives, in all shapes and sizes

Ever since recent changes in UK knife legislation the question of what types of knives are allowed in the UK is once again hot-topic. To help you out we did some research to tell you, once and for all, what is and what isn’t allowed.

UK Knife law states that you are allowed to carry a non-locking pocket knife with a blade length of up to 3 inches (7.62) without any need for a valid reason. This means that you are allowed to carry a knife in public that exceeds these guidelines. You do, however, need a valid reason for doing so.

Fortunately there are also good reasons to be carrying a knife. Examples can be that you use your knife for work or that you are taking it to a gallery or museum to be exhibited. In addition, if a knife is to be used for theatre, film, television, historical reenactment or religious purposes you can legally carry it in public. Finally, if you are planning to use a knife during a demonstration or want to teach someone how to use it UK knife regulation states that you can take it with you.

Please note: a court will decide if you have got a good reason for carrying a knife if you are charged with carrying it illegally. (Courtesy of Gov.uk)

Abuse is still illegal

Please remember that if you use a knife (legal or illegal) in a threatening way it is considered to be an illegal offense. If, for instance, you are using your (legal) Swiss Army knife to threaten anyone you are still doing something illegal.

UK Friendly

As mentioned before UK knife law allows you to carry a non-locking pocket knife with a blade length of up to 3 inches (7.62) without any need for a valid reason. We understand that it could be tricky to know for sure which knives are actually legal. That is why we made a selection of non-locking pocket knives that adhere to this guideline.

Because of the conditions listed above, we like to call these ‘UK friendly’ instead of ‘UK Legal’ knives.

If you are looking for more information about UK knife laws and what type of knives do not adhere to the beforementioned guidelines please check our UK Knife Laws page!