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Running with a head torch?

During a run it is very important to be able to see and be seen. With a good light you won’t overlook obstacles in the dark and be more aware of your surroundings. Other people will be able to spot you from a great distance which makes traffic situations a lot safer. A good running head torch is important for your own safety and that of others!

The best running head torch

The best running head torch for you totally depends on your personal preferences. We recommend you pay attention to the following characteristics:

Light output

In a well-lit urban environment you need an running head torch of at least 50 lumens. For running in a more rural environment you would need one of at least 150 lumens. You will want to go for one that has a minimum of 2 light modes and a reasonably spread-out beam.


For stability and comfort choose a model with a headband that’s wide and easy to adjust. It is also important to pay mind to the weight of the running head torch. The lighter the better, and we advise to not go higher than a weight of 175 grams (excl. batteries). Going for a long walk or run? Then take a head torch with a battery on the back of the head. This allows for better balance.


Never leave the house without full batteries, or a fully charged rechargeable lamp. Please note that the burn time should of course last longer than your work-out!