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Military LED flashlights: 4 things you need to pay attention to

Military flashlights, it sounds as if you are dealing with a unique type of flashlight. However, a military flashlight is no more than a tactical flashlight. This leaves us with only one question, what makes a tactical flashlight suited for military use? There are a couple of things you need to pay attention to.

Military flashlights are rock-solid

The body of a military flashlight is made from top-quality aluminium that is often used in the aviation industry. It is incredibly strong material that will protect the insides of the light. As a result, as a soldier, you know this flashlight will last a lifetime which is essential when you are out on a mission! The battery is kept in place by two little springs. These catch the blow that is released during high impact movements.

A stroboscope on speed-dial

Military flashlights have a stroboscope mode that can be reached with one simple movement. Actually thinking about where the stroboscope mode is, is literally and figuratively killing for soldiers. At the same time the high-frequency stroboscope needs to produce a huge amount of light to dazzle the enemy. 

Military LED flashlights cannot be focused

A flashlight for military use cannot be focused. After all, vibrations change the beam when you use a focusable flashlight. And, as a soldier, you always want to make sure you have a stable light, especially during military ops.

Tip: the Fenix TK16 and NiteCore P20 meet all the requirements for a military flashlight. Many military units and AT-teams use them and no longer wish to go without!