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Eden kitchen knives: amazing quality for amazing prices

Eden kitchen knives are exclusively available at Knivesandtools. That's because we design the knives ourselves, and then we have them produced. Our manufacturers also produce knives for famous brands, thus providing consistent quality. We buy directly from them, which means you spend less money for the same quality! You'll find all types of knives in the Eden collection. Chef's knives, paring knives, utility knives, but also Japanese knives like the gyuto and the Santoku. There's an Eden in every price range!

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All prices include VAT, fees and charges
Our customers give us a 5-star rating
Delivery from our own stock
Ordered before 5:30 PM, shipped the same day
All prices include VAT, fees and charges
Our customers give us a 5-star rating
Delivery from our own stock
Ordered before 5:30 PM, shipped the same day
All prices include VAT, fees and charges
Our customers give us a 5-star rating
Delivery from our own stock
Ordered before 5:30 PM, shipped the same day
All prices include VAT, fees and charges

Why choose Eden

Eden kitchen knives are made from high-quality materials. They are made by renowned manufacturers in countries like Japan. Our knives have great prices. As such, they're perfect for anyone who's looking for high-quality knives without wanting to dig too deep into their pockets. The range consists of a wide variety of knives. From traditional European chef's knives to Japanese Santokus and gyotohs. There's a suitable knife for everyone! Eden kitchen knives are perfect for amateur chefs who are still accumulating knives for their collection. However, they're also great for professionals who expect quality from their knives and work with them every day. There's an Eden in every price range!

Eden series

Eden Essentials

The Eden Essentials collection is perfect for novice cooks and amateur chefs. No bells or whistles, just excellent knives. They feel great in hand, have amazing cutting capabilities and they are inexpensive.

Eden Classic Damast

Eden Classic Damast knives are elegant and functional. The blades are enhanced with a hard core made from AUS10 steel that was placed between multiple layers of damascus steel. A distinctive look! The knives don't have a thicker part between the handle and the blade, so you can use the entire length of the blade when cutting.

Eden Kanso Aogami

Eden Kanso Aogami knives are hand-forged in Japan. The knives are made from Blue Paper Steel, which is a type of steel with an extremely high level of hardness. They can therefore have an extremely thin grind. These knives are amazing to use!

Eden Sugoi Olive

An oval handle made from olive wood, and a cool blade made from Japanese VG10 steel. The steel retains its sharpness well and is easy to sharpen. The Eden Sugoi Olive knives are beautiful kitchen knives at a good price.

Eden Takara

Are you looking for a truly luxurious kitchen knife? The Eden Takara collection is exactly what you need. Beautiful blades with a core of Aogami Super Blue Paper steel, laminated between 13Cr stainless steel. These blades have a traditional, hammered finish.

Eden Hammered Damast

Do you prefer modern simplicity? The Eden Hammered Damast collection is perfect for you. Simple black handles with tough blades and a hammered finish. Very stylish!

Eden Susumi SG2

The Eden Susumi has a really distinctive damascus pattern! The SG2 powder steel is rock-solid and has an extremely thin grind. You'll move through all your ingredients at lightning speed.

Eden products

Our Eden collection offers a large variety of knives. All-round chef's knives and paring knives, as well as very specific knives, such as knives specifically for sashimi. Or beautiful Japanese versions like a petty or takobiki. Complete your knife collection with Eden!

Eden chef's knives

Most Eden chef's knives are Japanese versions of chef's knives, like gyotuhs or Santokus. These knives are made from high-quality steel and often have wooden handles. There's a chef's knife for every budget!

Eden paring knife

Eden's paring knives are perfect for small tasks in the kitchen. Like small cutting tasks, or peeling fruit and vegetables. The Eden collection has paring knives in many shapes and sizes, and for every budget.

Eden knife sets

With plenty of Eden knife sets to choose from, there is a perfect combination of knives for everyone. Whether you want a small set of only 2 or 3 knives, or a complete set.

History of Eden

Eden was born from our desire to make affordable kitchen knives, but of great quality! That's why we went out to find manufacturers for our Eden kitchen knives who could really bring our designs to life. We ended up with amazing manufacturers of highly acclaimed knife brands. And we are still really happy with them! Eden has since grown into quite a brand, with a wide variety of kitchen products. Not just kitchen knives, but also knife magnets, knife blocks, cutting boards and accessories. We're still working hard to extend our range! We design every aspect of the products, from the type of steel to the handle materials. We also extensively test our own products, so they're ready for you to enjoy in your kitchen.

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