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Lansky: innovative and user-friendly

For over 35 years the American Lansky is working on innovative and user-friendly sharpening systems. Arthur Lansky Levine, the founder of the company, developed his first sharpening system because, as a medical student, he was dissatisfied with the sharpness of the surgical instruments. He challenged himself to develop a sharpening system with which anyone could attain razor sharp results. It wasn't long after, that Lansky's first 'Controlled Angle' sharpening system was born.

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Great sharpening, even on the road

Still, Lansky is developing innovative systems that make sharpening knives easier for everyone. Not just for home use, but also for en route and during survival trips. From small sharpening stones to practical pull through sharpeners which fit right in your pocket: Lansky has thought about it.. Which results in a practical sharpening solution for nearly any question.

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 Lansky De Luxe Sharpening System

Easy to use sharpening system with 5 ceramic sharpening steels.

 Lanksy Natural Arkansas Sharpening System

Sharpening system to give your knife a razor sharp edge, every single time.

 Lansky Diamond Deluxe Sharpening System

Sharpening system to give your knife a razor sharp edge, every single time.

 Lansky Professional sharpening system

An easy-to-use sharpening system with 5 sharpening stones, including one for serrated knives.

 Lansky LKC03 controlled angle sharpening system, standard

Sharpening system for sharpening your knives, easy to use

 Lansky Masters Edge 5 Rod Sharpener

The Lansky Masters Edge is a practical, easy to use sharpening system. Both for sharpening and maintaining your knives.

 Lansky - Deluxe Turnbox Crock Stick Sharpener

Pocketsize 2-stage sharpening system. Hardwood turnbox with 2 medium & 2 fine grit ceramic rods that store conveniently inside the box for carry.

 Lansky Four Rod Diamant/Ceramisch sharpening system

Pocket-size DIY sharpening system. Produces a sharp edge on all your knives.

 Lansky BladeMedic

The Lansky Blademedic offers you four sharpeners in a very compact package.

 Lansky Quadsharp sharpener for on the road QSHARP

Convenient sharpener for on the road with angles: 17, 20, 25 and 30 degrees.

 Lansky The Puck whetstone

Disc-shaped whetstone for axes, machetes, etc.

 Lansky Eraser Block

Cleaning block for sharpening steels. Also removes stains from metal and pottery.

 Lansky Heavy Duty Tool Sharpener

Extra coarse sharpening stone for gardening tools

 Lansky LCD02 tactical sharpening steel

Length: 15.5 cm
Material: aluminum
Weight: 114 grams

 Lansky, double-sided diamond sharpening stone with handle, FP-2860

This ' Diamond Sharpening Paddle ' is ideal for on the go. With medium and fine grit.

 Lansky, double-sided diamond sharpening stone with handle, FP-1260

This ' Diamond Sharpening Paddle ' is ideal for on the go. With coarse and fine grit.

 Lansky, folding diamond tapered steel for serrated knives, TR-600

This Sharpener is designed for sharpening serrated knives.

 Lansky Lawn & Garden Tool Sharpener, LGRDN

Sharpening stone for sharpening tools like a spade, axe, lawn mower or machete.

 Lansky Nathan's Honing Oil

'Honing oil' by Lansky for natural sharpening stones

 Lansky Double-sided Diamond Pocket Stone

Small sharpening stone, easy to take with you.

 Lanksy Pocket Arkansas Stone

Sharpening stone, easy to take with you
Length: 7,6 cm
Thickness: 7,0 mm

 Lansky ceramic sharpening steel, LSS8CM

Ceramic sharpening steel, length: 20.5 cm

 Lanksy The Mini Sharpener

The Lansky mini sharpener is compact, lightweight and easy to carry.

 Lansky, sharpening stone, S0070

Sharpening stone for Lansky sharpening system. Extra coarse (grit 70).

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