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Atoma Diamond Stones: Japanese diamond sharpening stones

Atoma Logo

Atoma Diamond Stones are diamond sharpening stones. They are, however, different from other sharpening stones. We don’t have to explain, to anyone who is a fan of sharpening, that diamond sharpening stones quickly sharpen your knives and that they won’t wear out that easily. However, Atoma offers more than only the benefits of diamond.

After all, Tsuboman Atoma is different from any other diamond sharpening brand. Perfect as sharpening stones for your knives and tools, but also as flattening stones for your regular sharpening stones.

Atoma chose to add clusters of diamond sharpening particles to the sharpening surface. These ‘islands’ make sure that sharpening will become a whole new experience. In between the islands there is enough room to get rid of any excess sharpening residue. In addition, this cluster approach decreases the chance of individual sharpening particles ripping out.

Construction of the Atoma sharpening stone

Atoma adds the sharpening clusters to a thin steel sheet. This sheet has been attached to a thicker aluminium sheet with thin double-sided tape. For this reason Atoma stones are a lot cheaper than stones where the diamond particles were added to a thicker sheet of steel. In addition, these thin layers enable Atoma to sell replacement top layers making sure you don’t immediately need to purchase a new stone when it is worn out.

For what purpose do you use Atoma Diamond Stones?

Atoma sharpening stones are available in relatively coarse grain sizes. For this reason you mainly use them to repair any damages or to pre-sharpen your knife. The very coarse 140 grain stone is, in terms of grain size, coarser than a 100 grain found on a Japanese sharpening stone. Furthermore, the finest Atoma stone with a 1200 grain is similar to a 1000 grain found on a Japanese sharpening stone. However, it has to be said that there are more differences between the stones than the grain size alone.

Atoma Diamond Stones as flattening stones

Because Atoma stones are very flat and can handle a little wear and tear enthusiasts also believe them to be perfect as flattening stones. You use these to flatten your sharpening stone or natural sharpening stone after using it. Unlike other diamond flattening stones these Atoma stones are a very affordable option. Especially since you can also use them as a regular sharpening stone. In addition, the grain 1200 Atoma stone is so fine you can also use it for the finer, more conventional sharpening stones. After all, from 8000 grains onwards the surface of your stone can easily be damaged when you use a conventional flattening stone.