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Knife sharpening & maintenance

Pocket knife sharpeners: for sharpening on the road

Want to sharpen your knife on the road? Not a problem! Whether you are out in the woods, enjoying a survival tour or a long walk: your knife should be ready for anything. This means that you should also be able to take care of your knife on the road. 

A compact sharpening system, a pocket whetstone or any other small knife sharpener will be the answer to all your problems. Each easy to carry around and ideal because they will enable you to sharpen your knives, even if you are on the road.

Compact sharpening tools are, because of their size, great to carry around. In your back pocket, coat or bag. There is no longer a reason to carry around blunt knives. There are multiple types of pocket sharpeners: sharpening stones, sharpening steels and small sharpening systems such as the BladeMedic from Lansky. With these tools you are able to take care of your knife wherever you are. And, if need be, these babies also hold their own for the more demanding tasks. Our range includes compact sharpeners from famous brands such as Fällkniven, Spyderco, DMT and Lansky, but also from our own brand Skerper.