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Maintenance products for knives

A good knife has to stay in top condition. A little pampering will do the trick. Clean thoroughly, give it a little oil and store it well! This applies to pocket knives, kitchen knives, cutting boards, sharpening stones and other (kitchen) accessories. Here you’ll find the best oils, screwdrivers and other maintenance products. Everything to give your beloved products a great life expectancy!

 Eden Oil-Pen, maintenance oil for pocket knives and multitools

Maintenace oil in practical pen-size for great precision, 12 ml

 Sentry Solutions-Marine Tuf-Cloth

Micro Fiber cloth to protect your knife against corrosion. Especially ideal for carbon steel.

 Bottle of oil, 7905

Bottle of maintenance oil for the wooden handle of a.o. the Wüsthof anniversary set.

 Naniwa Dressing Stone, A-206, grit: 600

Cleaning block for water stones
Grit: 600
Dimensions: 6.5x4.7x3.2 cm
Own import so very inexpensive!

 Boker Plus Tool kit Hex key

Handy hex key screw driver with 6 sizes: SW1.5 to SW5.0

 Boker Plus Tool kit Torx

Handy torx-screw driver with 7 sizes: T4 to T15

 Naniwa flattening block, grain 220, A120

Naniwa fine flattening stone for flattening the surface of Japanese Waterstones. Recommended for water stones with grain 1000-5000.

 Naniwa Rust Eraser A-903, rust eraser

Polishing block to remove rust from metal surfaces

 Robert Herder maintenance oil for wooden handles, 20 ml

Maintenance oil for wooden handles, 20 ml

 Minosharp MN-477 Rust Eraser

Fine rust eraser

 Benchmade Blue Box Torx Tool Kit 981084

Handy screwdriver set with 6 torx bits in 3 sizes

 Benchmade Folding Toolset 985995SF

Handy allround tool set for each pocket knife owner

 Ballistol maintenance cloths, 10 pcs

Universa maintenance cloths content:10 pcs

 Ballistol maintenance oil, 50 ml

Universal maintenance oil Content: 50 ml

 Ballistol maintenance oil pen, 15 ml

Universal maintenance oil Content: 15 ml

 Ballistol maintenance oil spray, 200 ml

Universal maintenance oil Content: 200 ml

 Robert Herder maintenance set 920000500

Complete maintenance set for your carbon kitchen knives

 Robert Herder maintenance cloth, cotton

Cotton maintenance cloth for knife maintenance

 Robert Herder Maintenance sponge 9102

Maintenance sponge for Robert Herder kitchen knives

 Robert Herder rust eraser 011600000

Rust eraser to remove rust from blades

 Nano-Oil 10w maintenance oil 8cc/8ml

High-grade lubricant with nano-technology.

 Nano-Oil 85w maintenance oil 8cc/8ml

High-grade lubricant with nano-technology.

 Nano-Oil 5w maintenance oil 8cc/8ml

High-grade lubricant with nano-technology.

 Nano-Grease lithium grease, 30cc/30ml NGL30CC

High-grade lithium grease with nano-technology

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