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Knife sharpening & maintenance

Stropping: for that razor-sharp mirror-edge

Stropping means polishing the blade of a sharp knife: sharpening your knife using a leather belt – a classic method which is making a comeback.

By polishing the blade burrs and other imperfections are removed leaving you with even sharper knives. The main advantage is that by stropping your knife you do not remove metal particles, you simple ‘align’ the metal. As such your knife becomes razor-sharp without losing any material.

In addition to a leather belt you need a fine diamond paste when stropping your knives. Not only does this paste make stropping easier, it also ensures that your knives will become sharper much faster. This diamond paste has a very fine grain enabling you to get the best sharpening results. In our range you can find, among others, sharpening paste made by DMT and Wicked Edge. Both great products that will help you get razor-sharp results.