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Knife Sharpening & Maintenance

Work Sharp sharpens almost everything!

Work Sharp Logo

For over 40 years, the engineers of Work Sharp are dealing with the sharpening of sharp objects. At first this was limited to industrial drills but it has now expanded to the sharpening of knives, scissors, axes, chisels and many other sharp objects.

The machines Work Sharp produces make it possible to work in a similar way as on large and heavy sharpening machines. The sharpening result is not of a lesser quality while the machines are a lot more manageable for use at home.

Sharpening difficult? Not with Work Sharp

Where many sharpening methods require the necessary practice, sharpening with a Work Sharp is within everyone's reach. The sharpening machine perfected by the famous knife maker Ken Onion has a proper conduction so finding the proper sharpening angle will be a piece of cake. You will also find that same convenience with the available accessories. In short, the sharpener who quickly and simply wants to achieve a professional result is at the right place with Work Sharp!



Expert Interview: Kyle Crawford - Work Sharp brand manager

The knife sharpeners from Work Sharp have been in our assortment for quite a while now. The innovative ideas they come up with even surprises us sometimes. It's about time we take a look at Work Sharp. We talked to Kyle Crawford, the Brand Manager at Work Sharp.