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Pans & cookware

Pans for cooking on a ceramic plate

Pans for cooking on a ceramic cooking plate must have a flat and ideally a thick base. The flat bottom of the pan allows the heat to warm the entire bottom surface of the pan

A thicker bottom ensures optimal heat transfer to the sides of the pan. A pan with a bottom that has multiple layers can retain the heat well and is more efficient.

How does a ceramic cooking plate work?

A ceramic cooking plate consists of a hard ceramic surface that is heated by a heating spiral or, nowadays, by infra-red radiation. The ceramic plate quickly heats and can be adjusted to the preferred heat. Cooking on a ceramic cooking plate is similar to induction cooking. The difference being that with induction cooking the heat gets transferred by electromagnetic radiation. Although a ceramic plate does not depend totally on the magnetism of a perfectly flat bottom surface, it does benefit from it. It improves the efficiency of heat transfer and ensures the pans stay flat on the ceramic plate. Another big advantage of a ceramic plate is that it is really easy to clean.

Ceramic pans

Pans for ceramic cooking should not be confused with ceramic pans. With ceramic pans we mean the pans that have a ceramic coating that acts as a non-stick coating. We of course sell those as well. Ceramic pans can often also be used on a ceramic cooking plate.