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SCANPAN pans: the epitome of Danish sustainability

SCANPAN pans are known for their aluminium pans and the quality of the patented coatings.

SCANPAN has developed a unique titanium coating which stands out in most consumer tests. In addition, because of the titanium layer added to the pan the heat is more evenly distributed. This coating is, of course, free from toxic chemicals and fumes that can be released when the non-stick coating becomes too hot. As a result the non-stick coating on the SCANPAN pans is superior when compared to its competitors.

Aluminium pans

The SCANPAN wok pans and sauce pans are also top-quality pans. The process of pouring aluminium under great pressure is something SCANPAN is great at! First the melted aluminium is poured into a mould by hand after which 250 tonnes of pressure is placed on the whole to create a pan with a very high density. This density makes sure that while you use your pan the heat is distributed properly and retained. In addition, the thickness of the pan ensures that it will not lose its shape.

The history of SCANPAN

SCANPAN pans have been made since 1956 in Denmark. The name SCANPAN is derived from the words Scandinavian and pan. SCANPAN’s priority is the sustainability of the products and the production process. For this reason SCANPAN pays a lot of attention to CO2 emissions and using reclaimed materials. As such SCANPAN doesn’t only think about today, it also thinks about tomorrow and the future. You can enjoy the SCANPAN pans for years to come.