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Pans & cookware

Pans for on a halogen cooking plate

Pans for cooking on a halogen cooking plate must have a flat and ideally a thick base. The flat bottom of the pan allows the heat to warm the entire bottom surface of the pan. A thicker bottom ensures optimal heat transfer to the sides of the pan. A pan with a bottom that has multiple layers can retain the heat well and is more efficient.

How does a halogen cooking plate work?

A halogen cooking plate consists of a hard ceramic surface that is heated by a halogen heating element. It looks very much like a ceramic plate, the only difference being the heat source. Halogen is warms faster warm and can reach a higher temperature than ceramic and induction. A disadvantage is that a halogen plate can wear out and needs to be replaced in the end. Although a halogen plate does not depend totally on the magnetism of a perfectly flat bottom surface, it does benefit from it. It improves the efficiency of heat transfer and ensures the pans stay flat on the ceramic plate. Another big advantage of a halogen plate is that it is really easy to clean.