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Great frying pans are indispensable in any kitchen

A fry pan is indispensable in any kitchen. Would you like to buy a good frying pan? Then you are with us. 

We have the best fry pans of the well-known brands like Le Creuset, Fissler, the Buyer, Fiskars and Demeyere in stock. A good frying pan is essential for preparing a good piece of meat or fish, and is easy to use. That is why we have also frying pans with cold grip handles. So if you are looking for a good frying pan, knivesandtools is the right choice for you.

Ceramic frying pan

A Ceramic frying pan is a frying pan with a layer of ceramic material on the inside. A pan with a good ceramic coating ensures that you need less fat to fry. Less oil or butter. In addition, a pan with ceramic coating is a lot easier to clean because things don’t stick to it as much. A ceramic pan can handle very high temperatures, where an "old-fashioned" non-stick layer cannot.

Non-stick coating in your frying pan or not?

Not every frying pan has a non-stick coating or teflon layer. Professional pans rarely have such a layer. This is because with the right techniques you don’t really need such a layer. A pan without non-stick coating makes for a nicer color on your piece of meat. In the beginning it may seem as if your product sticks to the pan a little. This only takes a moment, until a crust forms on the product. It automatically separates from the surface of the pan, giving you a better and more delicious result. A traditional non-stick coating cannot take the heat as well as a modern ceramic coating can.