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Induction pans: the best pans for cooking on induction hobs

When cooking on induction it is important to use induction pans. These have a magnetic bottom surface which, ideally, consists of multiple layers. The magnetic surface makes it possible that only the bottom of the pan is heated and not the entire cooking area.

Another advantage is that the induction plate cools down very quickly. You’ll never burns yourself in the kitchen anymore! Also, this way of cooking is much more efficient since you don’t lose a lot of heat in the process.

Not all pans are suitable for induction

An induction cooking plate transfers the heat through electromagnetic radiation. An aluminum pan without magnetic bottom surface will not be heated through induction. Also a pan with a bottom that is not absolutely flat makes too little contact with the cooking plate to ensure efficient heat transfer.

Good induction pans

Good induction pans have a thick bottom surface with multiple layers. The different layers make sure the energy is transferred well and that it spreads evenly. At knivesandtools, all pans that are suitable for induction are clearly marked as such. Induction pans can be recognized by the special spiral logo. Pans used for induction cooking can be used on other heat sources as well. It does not work the other way around because the regular pans tend to be because they cannot handle the heat. Fissler pans, for example, can be used on every heat source.