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Pans for cooking on a gas stove

All pans are generally suitable for cooking on a gas stove. This is the most popular way of cooking, both at home and in professional kitchens. Cooking on gas heats the bottom surface through an open flame.

Because you can see the flame it is easy to adjust the amount of heat. It is also less efficient because a relatively large amount of heat is lost through the open flame.

Influence on pans because of cooking on gas

Cooking on gas influences the properties of the pan. The open flame that the bottom of the pan heat could cause the bottom surface of a lower-quality pan to bend. As long as you keep cooking on gas, you can continue to use these pans easily. The altered form of the bottom surface will make it a bit more difficult to bake products evenly, but it’s definitely not impossible to cook with. If you would switch heat sources after that, you would need new pans though. It is even better to prevent this from happening and buy good pans from the start! We only sell high-quality pans that do not bend.

Tip for cooking on gas

When cooking on a gas stove, it is important not to put the flame higher than necessary. Good pans have a bottom surface that distributes the heat by itself evenly. A too large flame just wastes a lot of energy. In addition you run the risk of burning your hand on the handles, what you would surely want to avoid.