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Bark River Knives: handmade knives for everyone

Bark River Knives makes exceptional handmade outdoor knives. There is a Bark River knife for every type of use. Knives for bushcrafters, hunters, hikers and so on. Each knife is handmade in Bark River's workshop in Escabana, 


Skilled hands model the blades, handles and edges of the knives. Each gets knife the personal attention it deserves. Bark River is known for the endless combination of models, steel types, handle materials and secondary options. There’s a perfectly suited Bark River for everyone!

Handmade knives and natural materials

Bark River uses many natural materials such as wood, horn and great types of composite material. These materials can differ per knife. The blades are shaped by hand on belts. Each knife is unique and none are exactly the same. Bark River makes their knives in production runs. This means, for instance, that a particular model in a specific combination will only be made once every two years. When such a product is out of stock, it can take a long time before it comes back again (if it even does at all!). For the same reason it is also not (always) possible to order special versions and models.

Convex edge: stropping for sharpness

Every Bark River knife is sharpened by hand with a convex edge. This means that the side of the blade runs smooth over to a razor-sharp edge without a secondary bevel. The result looks good and is stronger than a conventional edge. To maintain a convex edge, Bark River recommends to strop regularly. Of course we offer everything you need to strop.

Bark River Knives: a real family business

A textbook example of a family business. Founders Mike and Lesley Stewart work daily alongside their children Jim and Jacquelyn. Together they guarantee Bark River’s quality, workmanship and integrity. Real “knives people”! They use their practical experience to create the best knives out there!


Why Bark River Knives?

In only a relatively short period of time the knives from Bark River Knives became incredibly popular in the international knife world. But why? We will tell you more about the incredible story behind Bark River Knives.