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TRC Knives: Blades of honour, tales of men

TRC Knives

TRC Knives produces amazing knives for outdoor enthusiasts. Top-quality fixed knives for survival and bushcraft enthusiasts, hunters, hikers and preppers. Basically for everyone who needs a knife when spending time outdoors.

Striking about the TRC knives is that the finish and the design are exceptional. Many knife makers focus on either utility knives, or on beautiful, collectible knives. At TRC they believe that you don't have to choose beween the two. For that reason they produce amazing knives that perform like the best.

TRC Knives: for anyone who appreciates exotic steel

TRC Knives is known for using great types of steel for fixed knives. You don't often come across fixed knives with Böhler M390 steel, and the chances of you finding one with Vanadis 4 is even smaller. At TRC they believe that you should always select the best material and the best finish for a knife. For that reason they use the best types of steel and spend a lot of time on the right heat treatment. When you purchase a TRC knife you purchase more than just a pretty picture. You purchase an amazing knife of which the producers did whatever possible to get the best out of it.