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Survival knives, suitable for the most extreme conditions

Survival knives are very sturdy and reliable knives. Survival knives belong to the heaviest category of outdoor knives. Originally they are designed to help people in emergency situations. Survival knives can be used in extreme circumstances.

To make traps, build huts, chop wood, etc. etc. In short, they have to be tough. Not all survival knives are very large. Survival knives must also be handy and easy to transport. Besides the perfect survival knives knivesandtools.co.uk also carries the smaller version that can be lifesaving. Therefore survival knives can be both fixed and folding knives.

Extra tools on survival knives

Some survival knives are equipped with additional tools. Think of whistles, a compass, a table with rescue signals or a fire starter. Sometimes the handle is hollow to store objects in it. With their additional tools they clearly stand out from military knives. The back of a handle can be equipped with a glass breaker.

Characteristics of outdoor knives and survival knives

Survival knives have various shapes. Fixed knives, folding knives, large or small. As a rule the blade is between 10 and 20 centimetres long. The upper side of the blade is usually flat so it can be hit on for chopping wood, for example. Handles must provide a good grip on the knife. Plastic, wood or metal can be used. There even are knives where the handle is fitted with a paracord. Under normal circumstances it works as a comfortable handle and can be used as a rope in case of emergency.

Smooth or serrated blade

Survival knives can have smooth, serrated or half serrated blades. A serrated blade can be used to cut rope and textile. Think for example of knives for pilots who have to cut themselves loose from belts or the (relatively thin) metal of a cockpit. Serrated edges retain their sharpness better than a smooth blade. They are better suited to saw wood for example too.


Survival knives: how do I choose the best one?

Survival knives come in many different shapes, sizes and materials. For this reason we decided that we wanted to explain what a real survival knife is, what it should be able to do and how you can choose the survival knife that will best suit your needs.