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Schrade Knives: Knives with an amazing price-quality ratio

Schrade Knives

Schrade has been producing knives for amazing prices for over a century. Divided over different collections Schrade produces everything from modern EDC knives and survival knives, to many different types of traditional slipjoints and hunting knives. There is something for everyone, in every price range.

Quality of the Schrade Knives

Schrade produces great knives for great prices. Nothing more, nothing less. This does mean, however, that sometimes the finish is not perfect. Yes. But that is also where the price comes from. There are few brands that are comparable to the Schrade knives in terms of price-quality ratio.

History of Schrade Knives

The history of Schrade Knives is very interesting. With their roots in Sheffield, England and Solingen, Germany this American knife brand is one of the oldest knife brands on the market. Different characteristic designs in the knife world are produced by Schrade Knives, and the brand names associated with them. Think, for instance, of Uncle Henry Sharpfinger. A design that might be familiar amongst many knife enthusiasts.

Imperial, Uncle Henry, Old Timer, Smith & Wesson: all Schrade

Anyone who looks in the Schrade product catalogue will come across different brand names and collections. Early on Schrade decided to join forces with Imperial Cutlery, after which take-overs and new collections followed. The Uncle Henry collection, for instance, was named after the brother of the owner in the 40s: Henry Baer. Eventually, via a couple of take-overs the parent company came in the hands of Smith & Wesson. As a result the Smith & Wesson knives also belong to this group.