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Bushcraft knives: indispensable in nature

If you want to live in nature a knife is the most important piece of tool to carry with you. Bushcraft knives were designed to be as versatile as possible. They, for instance, can be attached to a stick to function as a spear and are almost always fixed knives. The handles are easy to maintain and the sheaths easy to carry.

What is bushcraft?

You probably heard of the term before. But what is bushcraft exactly? Bushcraft is a way of life. It is, after all, so much more than simply learning survival techniques like with survival. It is also about consciously choosing to stay outside and cooperate with nature. Want to learn more? Why not read: Bushcraft: so much more than only survival.

What do you use a bushcraft knife for?

A bushcraft knife is like a multi-tool: incredibly versatile! A good knife can be used for fine wood work, to split wood, to gather and prepare food or to build a fire. You name it. In fact, there is no reason why you shouldn't bring a bushcraft knife with you when on holiday or when spending a day in the woods. Bushcraft knives can be real life-savers.

Which bushcraft knife is best?

Bushcraft knives come in many shapes and sizes. Which bushcraft knife will suit you best depends on who you are and what you want to do with the knife. Do you want to build a fire? If so a knife with a sharp spine is practical because it will enable you create sparks with a firesteel. Do you want to prepare food with the knife? If so choose one with a thin blade. Want to know which bushcraft knife will suit you best? Why not check out our selection guide: How do I choose a bushcraft knife.

Bushcraft is fun!

It might look like bushcraft knives are only made for passionate campers who go on hikes for weeks on end. Fortunately this is not the case. Bushcraft is namely also great fun as a hobby. In an age with many crowded modern cities, technology and many ready-made products it is very interesting to go back to the 'primitive'. Simply in your backyard or the woods. There is nothing more relaxing than spending the night in the company of a homemade fire which you built yourself.

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