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Pans & cookware

Fissler Crispy Ceramic Classic pans

The Fissler Crispy Ceramic Classic series is the cream of the crop when it comes to ceramic cooking pots. The superior non-stick coating helps you bake like no other.

Compared with the Ceramic Comfort line is the Classic series a bit cheaper. It is not suited to be used on induction. Do you cook on a different heat source than induction? Then the Fissler Crispy Ceramic Classic series is it for you!

Fissler Ceratal non-stick coating

The Fissler Crispy Ceramic Comfort pans have a high-quality ceramic non-stick coating. This Ceratal layer is so high-tech, it can take temperatures of up to 400 degrees Celsius. Not only is the non-stick coating of this ceramic pan extremely heat-resistant, it is also very scratch-resistant. You can even use metal spatulas on this surface. The Ceratal coating has been optimized to make it easier to bake a product crispy. This ceramic pan holds up when comparing to complete stainless steel pans without coating, when it comes to colouring and crispiness of the product.