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Crock-Pot: the one and only slow cooker!


Crock-Pot has been immensely popular in the US for decades and is now making ground in Europe as well. It is the original slow cooker. Cooking with the crock-pot is truly a unique experience and you shouldn’t deny your taste buds this pleasure.

Choosing the right Crock-Pot is essential. They come in different sizes, so you have to decide for how many people you would need it. Will you only cook for two? Or are you preparing a big dinner for the whole family? There is a Crock-Pot for every situation!

How does a slow cooker work?

A slow cooker is an electric pan with a glass lid and a heating element. The ingredients inside the slow cooker are cooked, boiled and stewed at a constant temperature of up to 96 degrees Celsius. Depending on the dish and which setting you use, it will take between four and ten hours. Using the slow cooker has some amazing benefits:

#1: you don't have to be there while it’s cooking

One of the best things about a slow cooker is that you don’t have to stay next to it while cooking. You can turn it on and safely head off to work, because Crock-Pots are extremely well protected. Due to the low, constant temperature no pressure builds up inside the pan. Let the slow cooker do what it does best!

#2: you save time

When you come home late from work you don’t want to slave away in the kitchen before you can dig in. Cooking potatoes, vegetables and seasoning meat will no longer be taking a lot of your time. The slow cooker will save you that trouble. In the morning you add all the ingredients and when you return from work your food is ready. You would only have to set the table, but you can do that in the morning as well of course!

#3: you will eat healthier and the taste is better

One of the huge advantages of slow cooking is that the taste and nutrients are well preserved. Because of the high quality coating inside it, you don't even need to use butter to start cooking. A little water will do. So a slow cooker is healthier for several different reasons! Crock-Pot has added a few delicious recipes inside the manual to get you started straight away!

#4: easy to clean

Cleaning a Crock-Pot is easy. When you add a little water when you start cooking, nothing will stick to the inside. It will save you a lot of work cleaning it. You could put it inside the dishwasher, but we advise to do it by hand. This way you can enjoy your Crock-Pot for a long long time!