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Pressure cooker: cooking with the emphasis on high pressure

Cooking with a pressure cooker is something special. Because the product cooks under high pressure, you increase the temperature to when the boiling point is reached. This dramatically shortens the cooking time of your dish.

Imagine cooking a stew which normally takes about 6 hours. With a pressure cooker it will only take you 2 hours to get ready. An additional advantage is that the vitamins in your dish better are preserved. We have the best pressure cookers in stock, such as the Fissler Duravit pressure cookers.

Safety of the pressure cooker

Pressure cookers from the olden days used to be seen as unsafe. With modern-day pressure cookers this is absolutely not the case. They now have all necessary safety measures to avoid accidents. For instance, the pans can be sealed off better, and have technology that prevents them from opening during use. You can use your pressure cooker safely!

Features of the pressure cooker

With pressure cookers people think about cooking stews because that is the dish where the time gained is the largest. But you can also make sauce for a pasta in a pressure cooker. The flavours will be very concentrated. Vegetables can be cooked in a pressure cooker as well. The vitamins are better preserved and they retain their colour better.