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Fondue pans: to enjoy your meals together

Hosting a fondue party is great fun, but fondue is also delicious. The most famous is of course the cheese fondue. You could, however, also try a meat or chocolate fondue. There are different types of fondue sets on the market that all serve a different purpose. Some fondue sets can be used for multiple types of fondue. So make sure you purchase the one that will serve your purpose.

Using a fondue pan

The contents of the fondue pan can be heated in several ways. The most popular options are electrically, or with a burner or a tea light. The advantage of an electric base is that you can use it to heat the pot but also to keep it warm. An electric base is often used for meat fondues. The disadvantage of an electric base is that you will always need electricity.

A base with a burner or room for a tea light is only used to keep the fondue warm. You heat the cheese, stock or chocolate in a different pan, the microwave or on the stove if the pan allows you to do so. If not you need to heat the fondue in a different pan and pour it into the fondue pan when it is heated.

Materials used for fondue pans

Which type of material is best for a fondue pan depends on the type of fondue. A great fondue pan will melt the content without it burning.

Ceramic fondue pans are great for cheese and chocolate fondues. After all, ceramic quickly responds to changes in heat. As a result your cheese or chocolate won’t burn. Another advantage: ceramic pans are the most maintenance-friendly. A meat fondue is often not an option when you use a ceramic pan. This because the heat source often doesn’t get hot enough to keep the stock warm.

Stainless steel fondue pans will heat up quickly and can withstand high temperatures. For this reason stainless steel pans are often used for meat fondues or Chinese fondues. When the stainless steel fondue pan has been enhanced with a non-stick coating you can also use the pan for cheese or chocolate fondues.

Cast iron fondue pans are perfect for meat fondues. Cast iron might take a little longer to heat up but it will properly retain the heat for a long time. When the cast iron pan has been enhanced with an enamel coating you can also use the pan for cheese or chocolate fondues.