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LT Wright Knives: handmade outdoor knives from the USA!

At LT Wright Knives they produce excellent knives that are meant to be used. Knives perfect for those who love spending time outdoors. LT Wright excels when it comes to bushcraft knives. Take, for instance, the popular LT Wright Genesis: based on the famous Kephart knife. But LT Wright also produces many other types of models. All of them enhanced with different types of handles. There is something for everyone! Whether you go hunting, camping or hiking: LT Wright has got you covered!

About LT Wright Knives

It all started with the LT Wright who produced a knife for his father in 2003. Soon colleagues of his father also wanted a knife like that and that is how he started his hobby as a knife maker. In 2013 he went all in and decided to quit his job to become a fulltime knife maker. And not without success: more and more people recognized the quality of his knives. Today over 10 people work for him and together they produce knives by hand in Wintersville, Ohio, United States. 

Quality and finish of LT Wright Knives

At LT Wright Knives they still largely work in an old-fashioned way. By hand 'grinds' or 'bevels' are added to the blades, the handles are glued together and shaped, and even the entire knife is finished by hand. This means that there can be subtle differences between the different versions of the same knife. Both in terms of finish and size. This is also the charm of LT Wright Handcrafted Knives: each knife is unique. It also means that sometimes it is difficult to keep all knives in stock. But the models that are labelled as 'in stock' on our website, are in stock and can immediately be delivered.


LT Wright Gary Wines Bushcrafter review by Padraig Croke

LT Wright Knives are extremely popular. To help you understand what the fuss is about we asked bushcraft enthusiast Padraig Croke to test and review the LT Wright Gary Wines Bushcrafter. Enjoy!